Signs That Your Home Need Reblocking

Many homes are built on wooden stump foundations. These stumps are robust and can support a house for many years, but as time goes by they eventually deteriorate. Wood stumps weaken when exposed to harsh weather conditions and changing soil conditions like soil erosion, water, age, and wear. Sometimes, due to pest infestation such as termites, your wooden stumps may weaken, which means the foundation of your house may be unbalanced. Here are some of the condition that shows your home may need restumping.

The decay of foundation beneath your house.

If you begin to see signs of stump damage inside your house, there are big chances that the stumps have weakened. Do your inspection and see if the stumps beneath your home are damaged. You don’t need to inspect once you notice signs of damage, but routine inspection is the best way to be aware of the first sign of trouble.

Uneven floors

Uneven floors are probably the most significant sign of weak stumps. Once your stumps begin to deteriorate, the floors will be sloppy. Roll a marble or small ball on the floor to determine if it’s sloppy. If it rolls one way, you need to check your stumps. Damaged stumps cause uneven floors.

Moisture around the foundation

If you notice moisture around your house foundation, you should know that your foundation stumps are vulnerable to damage. Moist wood attracts termites or cellulose fiber as a source of food. Termites are known to destroy wood by eating them up. Once they are on the wood stumps, they will eat them away.

Structural instability

Due to stump damage, your house will experience cracks on brick or plastic walls, door not closing properly or creaking, windows that jam. In addition to structural instability, if the house was constructed more than 20 years ago, you should consider restumping or reblocking as it is also known. It is the best way to save your home before it’s too late.

If you are not sure whether your house needs restumping, you can call a professional expert to inspect your foundation and give the verdict. A good restumping professional will assess the damage and discuss what the damages are and what the entire projects involve. Old timber stumps can be replaced using other types of stumps like concrete or steel. Ask a professional contractor or an expert for advice on which stumps to use.

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