3 Week Diet Review – My Thoughts

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Brian Flatt’s new program, the 3 week diet, is yet another fancy, over-hyped weight loss diet plan, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually a very sound program. And while the name doesn’t lend itself well to skeptics, the testimonials speak for themselves. In contrast to other diets, I actually like and enjoy the brashness and hard-hitting style put over by the title. It makes a pleasant change from similar programs who too often seem to fall by the way-side and suffer from information-overload.

It’s all well and good having these 100+ page weight loss books and manuals, but if the information isn’t engaging and applicable for the user they do little except clog-up your book shelf. Being an online-only product, the 3 week diet review doesn’t have this problem and comes with clear, easy-to-follow instruction that emphasise progress and minimize confusion. It should also be noted that the program doesn’t employ some far-out or ‘wacky’ system for losing weight. Instead, it focuses on the basics – good nutrition and moderate, regular exercise sessions. None of the information you’ll find inside the program is revolutionary, but for those who have developed poor eating habits and are looking for a way to create a healthy, sustainable lifestyle, the 3 week diet is an excellent starting-point.