November 1 2011

Sydney Cruelty Free Festival!

The eagerly anticipated public launch of the Living Vegan mag hit Sydney on Sunday at the Cruelty Free Festival.

The crowds flooded into Belmore Park to take sight of everything from open air yoga, cooking demonstrations, live music, enlightening charity stalls, and who could forget the cupcakes! Many vegans came prepared and purposefully to the festival whilst many others stumbled upon the event. It would be safe to say everyone who experienced the festival went away with new found insight into animal rights issues, veganism and perhaps with a slight vegan sweets sugar hangover. But more importantly 100s of guests walked away with a copy of Living Vegan!

To our delight we heard from numerous people bursting with excitement to learn about the magazine and many others who had already received a copy flooded us with positive feedback. Thank you to everyone who came along and said hello, bought a copy and supported us. If you have any thoughts or feedback on what you liked or perhaps what you’d like to see more of in the magazine please find us on facebook or send us an email with any feedback. We’d love to hear from you!

Look out Melbourne, Living Vegan is coming to you next. Make sure to get your copy at the Living Vegan stall at World Vegan Day!

Caleb thought Living Vegan should have more articles about dogs, but otherwise he thought we did a good job.


  • Margo
    November 4 2011

    This is great news! I find a copy of a magazine that is a great non-confronting way of encouraging people to be informed and will love having copies on hand to distribute to family and friends! Well done!!

  • greg
    November 14 2011

    Hi folks,
    since the sad demise of Vegan Voice it’s nice to see a new Vegan magazine on the streets. Looking forward to LV as it grows and grows.

  • Helen
    December 10 2011

    Well done with your first magazine which I bought at the November Vegan Festival in Adelaide this year. I also subscribed to Vegan Voice and look forward to this new magazine. I have taken out 2 subscriptions – one for myself and one for my daughter. Thank you for the opportunity to buy a superb magazine. All the best.

  • Wendy-Jane Sheppard
    January 14 2012

    Great to see a new Vegan magazine and looking forward to receiving and reading the first copy

  • Tarquin
    February 10 2012

    Was glad to see a new vegan magazine launched. But I am wondering where the next issue is? Plus the website doesn’t seem to be getting updated.

  • noah
    February 16 2012

    Hi Tarquin, new issue is just going to the printers and will be out in early March. Our publication dates are March 1, June 1, September 1 and December 1.

  • Amy
    June 20 2012

    I am so excited about your new magazine, I have subscribed for the year. Thank you so much for getting the message out!

    xxxx Amy

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